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Customer Satisfaction Model for Improving Customer Service


The Customer Satisfaction Model focuses on the Four A’s which result in improved Customer Service and customer loyalty and surveys. In order for people to translate the slogans and principles of customer satisfaction into a reality for both their internal and external customers, they need to respond in four areas, i.e. Actions, Ability, Articulation and, most importantly,



Each of these areas of the Customer Satisfaction Model Templates is impacted by all the other areas. To truly enhance an organization’s level of customer satisfaction, they need to achieve a 4-star rating by practicing all of the Four A’s of the Customer Satisfaction Model. The Achieving Customer Satisfaction Workshop uses this Customer Satisfaction Model as its foundation for customer satisfaction training.


Is not just what you say but also how you say it. It is critical to good customer service templates to use effective communication skills. Of course, articulation is influenced strongly by Attitude. If an employee is unhappy with their job or the organization, they can convey that to customers even in the tone of their voice.


Is what enables employees to create customer satisfaction templates and loyalty by either acting on the customer’s situation or having the path to get a timely resolution. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is just one example of providing the tools and processes to respond to customers.



As the saying goes, truly do speak louder than words. Customer satisfaction results from follow-through on the commitments made to customers. A simple action which can immediately improve the level of customer service is just returning all phone calls, including talking directly to the customer, and answering every email…even if the answer may not be what the customer wants to hear.


Surrounds the other three A’s for customer satisfaction because it impacts each of them. The words “we care about our customers” mean nothing when said to a customer if it is not the real attitude of the person providing the customer service. There are a number of things which can be done to positively impact the attitude of everyone in an organization.


Once attitude’s change it is amazing how customer and employee satisfaction improve using templates and pre-made surveys as well.

Here a few pre-made template examples for your customers:





Customer Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Sample Templates


Customer Satisfaction Sample Templates


These templates are:


– Comprehensive and totally coordinated Instruction and Participant Materials

– Includes Instructor Guide, Participant Workbook, Templates, Presentation Materials, Exercises, Sample Forms & more.




Customer Service Training templates not only improves customer satisfaction levels and customer loyalty but also improves employee satisfaction and profitability. Customer Service templates need to include customer service and customer communication skills as they apply to both internal customers and external customers.


The Achieving Customer Satisfaction workshop focuses on the key knowledge, skills, and behavior which can immediately improve customer service and begin building an environment which is customer focused.


Sample Designs









Customer Surveys

Taking care of business by taking care of customers


Taking care of business by Taking care of customers


As a new Netflix customer, I’ve been impressed with their dedication to customer satisfaction. A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from them asking for the arrival date of my latest movie, so they could make sure the delivery was timely.

Today, they sent me another message:


“Dear Liz, You recently watched Goal! 2: Living the Dream. To help us ensure a great experience for all members, would you take a moment to tell us about the picture and audio quality?”

Two things came to my mind. 1. What in the world is “Goal! 2: Living the Dream,” and why was my husband watching it?

2. Netflix is dedicated to their customers in a way that other companies are not.

Netflix communicates one-on-one with their clients and genuinely cares about their experience. Being a web-based business, this is fairly easy for them to do.

Still, I believe every company has the ability and technology to do the same. Imagine buying a computer from Dell and receiving an e-mail from them a few weeks later asking if you like it. Retail stores frequently ask for e-mail addresses during transactions.

In addition to adding these patrons to an e-mail newsletter list, why not ask them if they are happy with their purchase, or how the service was? This is customer appreciation. This is making sure customers know that their opinion is valued. This is one of the reasons why the $14 bucks a month I spend on Netflix will be one of the last things ever cut from my budget.

Sample Templates

free-pdf-printable-survey-samples-for-customer-satisfaction-sample-client-satisfaction-survey-6-documents-in-pdf free-pdf-printable-samples-of-customer-service-surveys-survey-samples-1