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Survey Templates

Employee Surveys Templates


Employee Surveys Templates

Why use small steps toward behavior change?

Small steps give members immediate feedback on the changes they make towards better health. Measuring these small steps is also an excellent way to collect interim Employee Health Promotion Program effectiveness information.

Employee Health Promotion Program small steps make a big difference

Small steps for Employee Health Promotion Program members

• Walk to work.
• Use fat free milk instead of whole milk.
• Each day think of two things you are grateful for.
• Do sit-ups while you watch TV.
• Drink water before a meal.
• Take 10 deep breaths to relieve tension.
• Eat half your dessert.
• Skip second helpings and buffets.

Measuring small Employee Health Promotion Program steps

• Use short pre- and mid-point surveys to ask

Use the results to show members how their health behaviors are changing for the better.

• Ask members to rate their health status and/or stress levels before and after an intervention.
• Add up individual (or team) steps and mark the progress on a map towards a far away destination.
• Be creative! Do not rely only on weight loss, BMI, or cholesterol tests as health status progress indicators or behavior change feedback.

Wise words for taking small Employee Health Promotion Program steps

• The first wealth is health. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
• We are what we repeatedly do. (Aristotle)
• The victory is not always to the swift, but to those who keep moving. (CDC)
• There are 1440 minutes in every day…schedule 30 of them for physical activity. (CDC)

Survey Templates

Customer Satisfaction Surveys


50 Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Most businesses understand the importance of monitoring customer satisfaction levels. What some often fail to do is a plan for action. Anyone can ask questions, but that won’t result in a winning survey. To be successful, some considerations must be made. Stop and ask yourself these five things before you jump on Survey Monkey.

What are your company goals in conducting this survey?

Lots of B2C companies gather customer data, so yours should too. But that’s not a goal. Do you want to improve overall satisfaction? Are you looking to implement a loyalty program based on the results? Is the company interested in branding based on consumer insights?

Having a few set goals will help you form the appropriate questions for your survey. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of data and nowhere to run with it.



Survey Templates

15 Survey Templates For Interviews



15 Survey Templates For Interviews


Survey Templates For Interviews Questionnaires

Things you should know

Many similar cases can be seen and also can be developed to achieve any sort of goal in which we need to gather information and collect data; by the easy means of developing an interview survey template.

It is becoming very popular nowadays. As more and more companies and organizations are adopting this technique to choose between people to employ.

Also, many institutions are working through this method to admit their new students. The best thing about it is that it gives a complete picture of the likes and dislikes, interests, habits, hobbies etc. in a very different and easy to understand way; also by a lower wastage of time and paperwork.

This idea needs to be brainstormed only once and after it just redoing the same for others.

Here is something very important about this interview survey template questionnaire technique; the question templates must be very general to be easily understood by an ordinary person and at the same time very much specific to cater for the case sensitivity of this method.

A little diversion of a questionnaire template from the original path might result in undesired results and study might be ruined.

Sample Interview Templates



Survey Templates

Case Study Survey Templates


15 Case Study Survey Templates


The Simple And Easy Case Study Questionnaire Template Example!

For example, a study regarding the behaviors of students regarding the extra-curricular activities could be studied by developing a survey questionnaire. In this survey questionnaire, we can ask a variety of different types of questions.

Like what are the results of the latest exams of a student?

Does he or she like to take part in extracurricular activities?

And questions like that.

Then we can examine the survey results submitted by say almost 100 students and we will come to a conclusion that students who get extraordinarily good marks do not do well at the extra-curricular activities.

So with the help of a case study survey questionnaire, developed once and copied,  distributed and got it solved by students – we get the desired results of our study.



Survey Templates

20 Market Research Survey Templates


20 Market Research Survey Templates


While if we deeply look into survey templates. we come to know that there is one thing that is so completely common, whatever methodology we adapt to complete any task, there is always the need for a question.

The Question is very important in our lives and that is why survey templates are very important. Also, a question statement can give you a brief outlook on every situation and happening with which you interact.

Marketing Basic Questionnaire

Now here comes a questionnaire template and many survey templates below. A questionnaire template is a piece of paper or a text document in which there are certain question statements in the form of question templates.

Marketing Plan Questionnaire

Marketing Research Questionnaire

Marketing Strategy Research

These questionnaires are meant to be answered by people and after it, they are read by specialists or their makers and help them derive a general concept of anything.

Market Research Survey Templates – Download these and use them in your business or organization. Many are in DOC and PDF formats.

Examples Questionnaire Templates for Surveys:

marketing survey form template Awesome Research Survey Example Download Marketing Research Template for

Survey Templates

Free Editable Questionnaire Templates


Free Editable Questionnaire Templates


In our daily routine, we come across many ways of managing the data collected from people on different studies for the sake of different purposes.

To study the general behaviors of people on some ordinary topic or in some specific field; we see there are different approaches to gather opinions and formulate them to make a certain idea.

PDF, DOC Files

Blank Survey Template PDF

Blank Survey Template Printable

Editable Survey Template

Free Blank Survey Template-pdf-doc-download

The task is completed by using different approaches. Some people use the native art of roaming around in people and noticing their actions and activities on certain matters; to come to some suitable conclusion.

While there are others who simply ask questions and tries to develop an image in their minds about the thoughts and facts under study.

Printable Survey Template

Printable Survey Template Word

Blank Intelligence Survey Format

Sample Templates





Survey Templates

Service Feedback Surveys


Service Feedback Surveys

With Our Formatted Printable Surveys you can create very professional looking surveys in minutes not hours.

This feature allows you by one click to change the whole look and feel of your survey to the skin you want.

Sample-Volunteer-Feedback-Survey-Template-Free-Download pdf-docx

Now you can forget about those boring white surveys and poorly designed styles, and get your respondents engaged to increase your response rate. A professional looking survey with pleasing graphics and colors increases respondent’s susceptibility to take it. We took the time and designed professional skins with good quality graphics and carefully selected color schemes.

You don’t need to worry about styles or messy color settings. Skins are themed to service your survey project needs or business line, ranging from general professional themes, Golf theme, to gaming, and hi-tech themes.

At any time you can commit your changes and preview your survey.

Sample Designs:

Supervisor-Feedback-Survey-Example-Template pdf-docx


Survey Templates

Legal Survey Templates


Legal Survey Templates

We Present you with an enterprise class survey tree (like the “file explorer tree” in Windows, except it is little more attractive). Survey tree gives you the hierarchical representation of your survey displaying questions text and icon for the question’s type.

It also allows you to access any item in your survey at any time; no endless paging to get to the last item on your survey.


Smart templates also features a collapsible properties window to the right of your survey tree allowing you to focus on the properties you want; no messy or confusing screens.

Reordering, editing, or adding items is a breeze with our website.

Unlike other tools presenting you with hundreds of arrows and confusing icons and text boxes to deal with, Smart templates allows you to work in a very focused & intuitive environment.

Survey Templates

Designing Survey Templates


15 PDF Designing Survey Templates

Designing a survey is quick, effective, and believe it or not, it is fun. You get to experience all the desktop environment features on your browser using Our Template Surveys’ Our Template Surveys designer.

You can drag-drop your way into creating new survey pages, questions, or answers options; you can also clone, or reorder survey items just by picking an item and dragging it to the right location. You can by a click of a button clone any item of your survey or the whole survey.