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13 Customizable Surveys


13 Customizable Surveys


Who are Customers?

Customers are anyone who purchases products from another individual or organization. Customers can be divided into two groups: internal customers who work for the company, organization, or business.

Internal customers can be employees, another department, or even another branch. External customers are the general public as well as businesses, suppliers, bankers, competitors, non-governmental organization, government bodies, and voluntary organizations.

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Customer’s needs vary from customer to customer yet they are often not negotiable. However, all customers want the best value for their money, as well as good service. To obtain both of these customers will often consider several vendors before making a purchase.

Expectations that customers have of products and companies differ from their needs, as expectations can be negotiable, modified and influenced through cultural values, advertisement, or other communications with the manufacturer, supplier, or outside sources.

Companies, however, can determine customer’s needs and expectations by collecting information from customers through interviews, surveys, conversations, or other means. Companies can then use this information to help shape and improve products, as well as determine how to better serve their customers.



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