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Create Your Own Online Surveys


Today’s subject is all about helping professionals or business owners get the most out of their efforts. Each of these individuals has at least one or more market(s) that they make their decisions around. For example….

As an entrepreneur – your customers are your number one priority; you should be focused on building your business around their needs and desires. You may also have staff to deal with as well.

As a professional (working for another company) your market might be executives, managers, front line staff or even the customers.

Either way….in order for you to do your job effectively and achieve results you must communicate with your market in a way that will give you “straight goods” that you can “take action” on.

What better way than surveying. So lets talk about survey types so that when you are creating your own survey it is one that truly meets your objectives.

Anonymous Surveys:

Creating your own anonymous survey will ensure that the results “tell the truth”. This can be a true miracle for you because face to face you would never get such candid and honest results.

However anonymous surveys can also open your respondents up to foul misbehavior. Because they can say whatever they want, however they want….they might go a touch overboard with cruel and vicious repsonses. You might even find a small number of “spam” type of responses – where any open text field is filled with swear words, adult content, or even random pharmaceutical terms.

With that said however; you may wish to know that only a small percentage (under 1.5%) of responses will be foul (if any at all) for standard industry surveys.

NOTE: If you are in an industry where there might be a tendency for respondents to abuse your survey (and where even 1.5% might results in thousands of responses) you may wish to consider using a customized survey program or a highly advanced program you will be able to create filters/blocks against such inappropriate behavior – so this is not necessarily a major concern.

User Defined Surveys

User defined surveys give the respondents the “choice” about whether or not they will remain anonymous. They define their role. (By default the survey is anonymous, however you can add a “question” field to ask if they wish to provide their name and contact info).

This is especially helpful if you will be seeking further input from people (beyond the survey) and you are asking for willing participants.

While it is highly dependent on the type of industry you are in – you might be interested to know that we have seen that on average, 75% of respondents will share their contact info.

Onymous surveys:

Will require your respondents to add their name/contact info to the survey. Again, this can be a great asset if you wish to follow up with respondents; however it may result in less responses, and/or “less than truthful” or “less open” types of responses.

Nonetheless, you will still gain value from creating your own onymous survey.

Have fun with it!

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