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Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples


Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples


By now, you may have heard about Skittles handing over brand power to their customers via their website.

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about that, or the recent situation in which Tropicana reverted back to their old brand design when the new cartons bothered their loyal customers.


Like I said, I promised myself I wouldn’t write about it, so I’ll keep my opinions to myself. However, I think it’s important to reflect upon whether or not these bold acts of confidence are good for the company.

These businesses are putting a lot of trust in their customer-base by letting them make such important decisions about their brand image.

Many people believed that what Skittles had done was brilliant, while others remain undecided about the new homepage. Let’s look at the bigger picture of these circumstances: what do you think about putting customers in the driver seat?

Paying attention to customer feedback is paramount for a business. But my thought and question is this – is it a good idea to lose complete control of your brand by handing it over to the general public?


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