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Professional Free Surveys

We have added three reports to our reporting list and will be adding more.

– Submission List

This is an enterprise class grid that allows you to navigate, page-through, view, and sort survey submissions. You can select one or multiple surveys to view submission details. Unlike other tools, you can focus on very specific selected submissions. You can also sort by any or multiple fields.

-Submission Details

This is a report that pages through your selected submissions showing every submission’s detailed answers including comments and free form text entries. It is skinned the same way as your survey which gives it the same look and feel of your initial survey including your company’s logo, so you feel right at home.

– Submissions Rollup Report

Submissions Rollup Reports allows you a higher level rolled up data view. It shows combined submissions analysis giving you frequency distributions of answer choices and more. You can also filter results by submission date. It gives you a very intuitive and graphical chart of your answers distribution while using your survey theme for the report. This report is skinned and has your company’s logon on it as well.

Sample Templates:

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