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Communication Skills & Customer Service Training


Communication Skills & Customer Service Training



Templates – The effective use of Communication Skills is critical to building good customer relationships and creating customer loyalty. Customer Service templates need to go beyond the slogans and focus on the practical Communication Skills which impact every customer interaction with both internal and external customers.

The Achieving Customer Satisfaction Template includes two Modules which provide training on Communication Skills as they apply to good customer service.


Templates Module 2 – Introduction to Communications

Most people don’t realize the significant impact that every communication, whether in person, by phone, by letter or email can have on customer relationships and customer satisfaction. The more awareness we have of utilizing the most effective communication skills and behaviors, the more chance we have to succeed in proactively creating customer satisfaction and reactively building customer loyalty in the course of resolving any customer problems.


The Introduction to Communications module includes:

– Exploring the impact of poor communications

– Defining what is effective communication

– Identifying the factors which complicate communication

– Recognizing the importance of Nonverbal behaviors…What they are and how to use them to improve customer satisfaction


Templates Module 3 – Customer Communication Skills

The Customer Communication Skills module concentrates on the key communication skills – what they are, how they can improve customer interactions and practice in applying these communication skills.

The customer communication skills template model which are covered include:

– Effective Listening – What, Why, How
– Questioning (Open and Closed Questions)
– Confirming
– Clarifying
– Crediting
– Building