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Safety Inspection Forms


Safety Inspection Forms

The Safety Inspection Form is an interactive form that can be completed and printed online. You must have Acrobat Reader V5.0 or above installed on your PC otherwise the form will not work.

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Survey Examples

13 Customizable Surveys


13 Customizable Surveys


Who are Customers?

Customers are anyone who purchases products from another individual or organization. Customers can be divided into two groups: internal customers who work for the company, organization, or business.

Internal customers can be employees, another department, or even another branch. External customers are the general public as well as businesses, suppliers, bankers, competitors, non-governmental organization, government bodies, and voluntary organizations.

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Customer’s needs vary from customer to customer yet they are often not negotiable. However, all customers want the best value for their money, as well as good service. To obtain both of these customers will often consider several vendors before making a purchase.

Expectations that customers have of products and companies differ from their needs, as expectations can be negotiable, modified and influenced through cultural values, advertisement, or other communications with the manufacturer, supplier, or outside sources.

Companies, however, can determine customer’s needs and expectations by collecting information from customers through interviews, surveys, conversations, or other means. Companies can then use this information to help shape and improve products, as well as determine how to better serve their customers.



Survey Examples

Printable Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Printable Customer Satisfaction Surveys


3 Things to ask yourself before Planning a Customer Satisfaction Survey


Is your business prepared for a reality check?

Your customers might think something is important your business doesn’t. You might also find that your customers aren’t as happy as they were yesterday, or that they’re happier with your competitors. Are your colleagues going to point fingers instead of look in the mirror? Make sure your team is ready to take accountability for negative feedback. Your company has to be prepared to accept disappointing reviews and use them to improve business operations.

1. Can you effectively interpret the results to your team?

Nobody has time for a stack of numbers with no interpretation. If this is the case, why even begin a customer survey? Don’t allow a customer satisfaction report to be hardly glanced at by your co-workers and ultimately left to gather dust. Be sure that your data is properly analyzed and tells a compelling story. This will ensure that your customers’ opinions can facilitate positive change.

2. What will your company do with the findings?

Surveys generate priceless information that you can use to improve your business. In the end, it doesn’t matter what company executives think; your consumers decide what your brand is. Gathering numbers and opinions is not enough. You must act upon the results, and your team should be ready to do exactly this. Based on your initial goals, make sure you have a plan for using the data to improve your business.

3. How will you communicate this to your customers?

Nothing is more frustrating for survey participants than feeling as if you wasted their time. You not only need to act on survey results; you must communicate them. If a customer is upset about something particular, make sure someone responds to them. Let them know their opinion has been heard and changes will be made. More importantly, make sure your team is on board.

A leader with no followers is just out for a walk.

Your competitors are gathering customer insight, and you should as well. However, make the most out of your efforts and create a plan that will allow your company to be successful.


Survey Templates

Case Study Survey Templates


15 Case Study Survey Templates


The Simple And Easy Case Study Questionnaire Template Example!

For example, a study regarding the behaviors of students regarding the extra-curricular activities could be studied by developing a survey questionnaire. In this survey questionnaire, we can ask a variety of different types of questions.

Like what are the results of the latest exams of a student?

Does he or she like to take part in extracurricular activities?

And questions like that.

Then we can examine the survey results submitted by say almost 100 students and we will come to a conclusion that students who get extraordinarily good marks do not do well at the extra-curricular activities.

So with the help of a case study survey questionnaire, developed once and copied,  distributed and got it solved by students – we get the desired results of our study.



Survey Templates

Legal Survey Templates


Legal Survey Templates

We Present you with an enterprise class survey tree (like the “file explorer tree” in Windows, except it is little more attractive). Survey tree gives you the hierarchical representation of your survey displaying questions text and icon for the question’s type.

It also allows you to access any item in your survey at any time; no endless paging to get to the last item on your survey.


Smart templates also features a collapsible properties window to the right of your survey tree allowing you to focus on the properties you want; no messy or confusing screens.

Reordering, editing, or adding items is a breeze with our website.

Unlike other tools presenting you with hundreds of arrows and confusing icons and text boxes to deal with, Smart templates allows you to work in a very focused & intuitive environment.

Survey Templates

Product Concept Survey Sample


Product Concept Survey Samples

With Our Surveys’ Online Survey Software you can create Product Concept Survey based on one of many product and marketing survey templates.

This is a sample survey template for a product concept survey that uses marketing and product template along with marketing Skin or theme.

Survey Templates

Learning Surveys Templates


21 PDF DOC Learning Surveys Templates

Whether you are implementing a training effectiveness survey in your company, or a class feedback survey in your institution, Templates Surveys has the right tools & templates for you to get the job done.

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Free Survey Templates:

Survey Templates

25 Questionnaire Templates


25 Questionnaire Templates

In our daily routine, we come across many ways of managing the data collected from people on different studies for the sake of different purposes. To study the general behaviors of people on some ordinary topic or in some specific field; we see there are different approaches to gather opinions and formulate them to make a certain idea. The task is completed by using different approaches.

Some people use the native art of roaming around in people and noticing their actions and activities on certain matters; to come to some suitable conclusion. While there are others who simply ask questions and tries to develop an image in their minds about the thoughts and facts under study.

While if we deeply look into the phenomena; we come to know that here remains one thing completely common, whatever methodology we adopt to complete any task; the common being the question. Question is very important in our lives; as a question statement can give you a brief outlook of every situation and happening with which you interact.

Now here comes a questionnaire template. A questionnaire template is a piece of paper or a text document in which there are certain question statements in the form of question templates. These questionnaires are meant to be answered by people and after it they are read by specialists or their makers and help them derive a general concept of anything.

The Simple And Easy Questionnaire Template Example!

For example a study regarding the behaviors of students regarding the extra-curricular activities could be studied by developing a questionnaire. In that questionnaire we can ask for different types of questions; like what are the results of the latest exams of a student? Does he like to take part in extra- curricular activities? And questions like that.

Then we can examine the questionnaires solved by say almost 100 students and we will come to a conclusion that students who get extraordinarily good marks do not do well at the extra-curricular activities. So by the help of a questionnaire; developed once and copied; distributed and got it solved by students; we get the desired results of our study.

Questionnaire Template

Questionnaire Template, Things you should know

Many similar cases can be seen and also can be developed to achieve any sort of goal in which we need to gather information and collect data; by the easy means of developing a questionnaire. It is becoming very popular nowadays. As more and more companies and organizations are adopting this technique to choose between people to employ.

Also many institutions are working through this method to admit their new students. The best thing about it is that it gives a complete picture of the likes and dislikes, interests, habits, hobbies etc. in a very different and easy to understand way; also by a lower wastage of time and paper work.

This idea needs to be brainstormed only once and after it just redoing the same for others. Here is something very important about this questionnaire technique; the question templates must be very general to be easily understood by an ordinary person and at same time very much specific to cater for the case sensitivity of this method.

A little diversion of questionnaire template from the original path might result in undesired results and study might be ruined.

Sample questionnaire templates  

Survey Samples

How to Make Money ANSWERING Surveys


How to Make Money ANSWERING Surveys

With online surveys you have the opportunity to influence the development of new brands, marketing campaigns and even political opinions. In return you can expect to receive a “reward” in the form of cash, vouchers or an entry into a prize draw (or sometimes a combination of all three).Such surveys take the form of multiple choice type questions with a few free text boxes at various points.

They generally begin with a screening section as most surveys are aimed at a particular group of people. This section will usually ask for your age, gender, household income, what sort of employment you are in, before moving on to more specific questions such as what type of snacks you regularly by, for example.

From experience, there is no point in trying to guess what sort of person is being sought to ensure that you qualify for the survey, because it almost always doesn’t work. It is far better anyway to give honest answers, as the exercise is actually all about gaining your view.Surveys can take anything from 5 minutes up to 40 minutes, and generally the reward reflects how much time is required to complete them. However, this does not always follow.

The cash equivalent of rewards generally varies between 0.10GBP (US$0.20) to 4.00GBP (US$8.00), although occasionally some survey panels will pay more, particularly when they are looking for a very specific demographic group.The subject of surveys varies enormously, although the majority focus on consumer attitudes. For example, you may be shown the idea for a new product and will be your view on this and how relevant it is to you.

Crucially, you may be asked how much you would be willing to pay for this product. You may be asked what you think about a particular marketing campaign and what you remember about specific adverts. It is important to remember that these are not memory tests and that if you do not remember anything about them then this is a measure of the success, or otherwise, of this particular campaign.

Occasionally, you may also be sent a new product to try, and then there will be a follow up survey where you can give your view on this product.

The more interesting surveys ask for your opinions about political issues or your views on particular parties. Some also ask about more general social trends ” for example how much alcohol you consume while you are on holiday.

In summary, paid surveys will not make you rich, but they provide for a little extra money, and they give ordinary people the opportunity to provide opinions on a wide variety of issues.