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Looking for Team Management Templates? These templates below will help in many areas of your business. See below and sign up for more formatted templates weekly.


The strategic approach (development, restructuring, merger, geographic expansion, …)


> The strategic marketing approach B to B [Consulting Management]

> Communication and management in a multi-cultural environment and Internal communication

> The commercial development of the teams and/or the activity

> The relationship and the key accounts approach

> Development of the company’s driving forces:

> Management, the motivation of teams and collective intelligence (management, commercial division, production division, …)

> Personal development of the individual in his professional environment

> Evaluation, measurement, and monitoring of performance individual and collective

client-satisfaction-surveys-example-template ict-management-style-survey-example-template



Safety Inspection Forms


Safety Inspection Forms

The Safety Inspection Form is an interactive form that can be completed and printed online. You must have Acrobat Reader V5.0 or above installed on your PC otherwise the form will not work.

Sample Forms



Survey Examples

13 Customizable Surveys


13 Customizable Surveys


Who are Customers?

Customers are anyone who purchases products from another individual or organization. Customers can be divided into two groups: internal customers who work for the company, organization, or business.

Internal customers can be employees, another department, or even another branch. External customers are the general public as well as businesses, suppliers, bankers, competitors, non-governmental organization, government bodies, and voluntary organizations.

Example Templates



Customer’s needs vary from customer to customer yet they are often not negotiable. However, all customers want the best value for their money, as well as good service. To obtain both of these customers will often consider several vendors before making a purchase.

Expectations that customers have of products and companies differ from their needs, as expectations can be negotiable, modified and influenced through cultural values, advertisement, or other communications with the manufacturer, supplier, or outside sources.

Companies, however, can determine customer’s needs and expectations by collecting information from customers through interviews, surveys, conversations, or other means. Companies can then use this information to help shape and improve products, as well as determine how to better serve their customers.



Survey Examples

Printable Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Printable Customer Satisfaction Surveys


3 Things to ask yourself before Planning a Customer Satisfaction Survey


Is your business prepared for a reality check?

Your customers might think something is important your business doesn’t. You might also find that your customers aren’t as happy as they were yesterday, or that they’re happier with your competitors. Are your colleagues going to point fingers instead of look in the mirror? Make sure your team is ready to take accountability for negative feedback. Your company has to be prepared to accept disappointing reviews and use them to improve business operations.

1. Can you effectively interpret the results to your team?

Nobody has time for a stack of numbers with no interpretation. If this is the case, why even begin a customer survey? Don’t allow a customer satisfaction report to be hardly glanced at by your co-workers and ultimately left to gather dust. Be sure that your data is properly analyzed and tells a compelling story. This will ensure that your customers’ opinions can facilitate positive change.

2. What will your company do with the findings?

Surveys generate priceless information that you can use to improve your business. In the end, it doesn’t matter what company executives think; your consumers decide what your brand is. Gathering numbers and opinions is not enough. You must act upon the results, and your team should be ready to do exactly this. Based on your initial goals, make sure you have a plan for using the data to improve your business.

3. How will you communicate this to your customers?

Nothing is more frustrating for survey participants than feeling as if you wasted their time. You not only need to act on survey results; you must communicate them. If a customer is upset about something particular, make sure someone responds to them. Let them know their opinion has been heard and changes will be made. More importantly, make sure your team is on board.

A leader with no followers is just out for a walk.

Your competitors are gathering customer insight, and you should as well. However, make the most out of your efforts and create a plan that will allow your company to be successful.


Customer Surveys

Taking care of business by taking care of customers


Taking care of business by Taking care of customers


As a new Netflix customer, I’ve been impressed with their dedication to customer satisfaction. A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from them asking for the arrival date of my latest movie, so they could make sure the delivery was timely.

Today, they sent me another message:


“Dear Liz, You recently watched Goal! 2: Living the Dream. To help us ensure a great experience for all members, would you take a moment to tell us about the picture and audio quality?”

Two things came to my mind. 1. What in the world is “Goal! 2: Living the Dream,” and why was my husband watching it?

2. Netflix is dedicated to their customers in a way that other companies are not.

Netflix communicates one-on-one with their clients and genuinely cares about their experience. Being a web-based business, this is fairly easy for them to do.

Still, I believe every company has the ability and technology to do the same. Imagine buying a computer from Dell and receiving an e-mail from them a few weeks later asking if you like it. Retail stores frequently ask for e-mail addresses during transactions.

In addition to adding these patrons to an e-mail newsletter list, why not ask them if they are happy with their purchase, or how the service was? This is customer appreciation. This is making sure customers know that their opinion is valued. This is one of the reasons why the $14 bucks a month I spend on Netflix will be one of the last things ever cut from my budget.

Sample Templates

free-pdf-printable-survey-samples-for-customer-satisfaction-sample-client-satisfaction-survey-6-documents-in-pdf free-pdf-printable-samples-of-customer-service-surveys-survey-samples-1

Survey Samples

Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples


Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples


By now, you may have heard about Skittles handing over brand power to their customers via their website.

I promised myself I wouldn’t blog about that, or the recent situation in which Tropicana reverted back to their old brand design when the new cartons bothered their loyal customers.


Like I said, I promised myself I wouldn’t write about it, so I’ll keep my opinions to myself. However, I think it’s important to reflect upon whether or not these bold acts of confidence are good for the company.

These businesses are putting a lot of trust in their customer-base by letting them make such important decisions about their brand image.

Many people believed that what Skittles had done was brilliant, while others remain undecided about the new homepage. Let’s look at the bigger picture of these circumstances: what do you think about putting customers in the driver seat?

Paying attention to customer feedback is paramount for a business. But my thought and question is this – is it a good idea to lose complete control of your brand by handing it over to the general public?


Sample Templates:

Survey Templates

25 Employee Surveys


25 Employee Surveys

Employee Attitude surveys is another use of our customers. You can select one from our templates and use it immediately for your employees.

Free Survey Templates:

Survey Templates

Use Survey Templates To Create a Survey


Use Survey Templates To Create a Survey

Getting the right information at the right time is very crucial to your business. Smart Surveys is a powerful online survey software that allows you to quickly and effectively implement survey projects and access dynamic online reports with charts and graphs.

Free Survey Templates: